Who am I

For privacy reasons, I won't disclose my personal information for now. Instead, I'll describe who I am and why I built this website.

2013 was my first time to experience Laboracay, and it was by accident. I went to Boracay on Labor Day to have a little alone time, to think about life and to ponder where I am heading in terms of my career and love life. Little did I know that it was the worst place and time to be alone. It was the first time I saw Boracay packed with so many people; it was like a wet market with so many things happening around you.

To my surprise, I saw several people I know. I tag along with them and I had probably one of the best experiences of my life. Wow, Boracay is the place to be on Labor Day weekend. I sometimes battle with myself if I'm an introvert or an extrovert. I enjoy partying and getting high to good music with people, but sometimes I need to recharge and have my "me" time. I didn't get my needed alone time in Boracay but I sure hella enjoyed my time there.

After Laboracay, I have had so much positive vibe in me that I want to experience it again the next year (present). At the same time, I want people to know about this "phenomenon" if you will. It's like our very own Spring Break. Hopefully, this site will help increase awareness on Laboracay.

We want you. You attractive person you!

Want to contribute to this site? From changing some wordings, to adding articles and / or moderate forums. Or maybe you simply want to share your experience that's anything even remotely related to Laboracay (past and future). It could be anything! Like the craziest thing you did, or maybe related to love, i.e. just came from a sh*tty relationship and you're going to Boracay to let loose? Post it here, you can even choose to post your article anonymously.

If you can write your experience in more than 140 characters then we want you! Interested? Please contact admin@laboracay.com and let your thoughts be heard.

To be continued

This section will be dedicated to the how Laboracay.com came to be. This site is still under construction so bear with me, content is on the way.

How to contact me

For questions and suggestions, please contact me through admin@laboracay.com or twitter @laboracayph.

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