Old EDM songs I still listen to

by admin on Thursday 24th of April 2014

Calling - Sebastian Ingrosso

This song was released in 2012 but it never seems to grow old. Unlike Clarity which was also addictive but it began playing everywhere and you suddenly get sick of it you just want to skip it when it plays in your ipod.

Just the introduction already gives me goosebumpts, the melody is haunting and beat is unforgettable. The kind of song that seeps inside your brain cells and stay there even after the song has finished. I've not even gone to the lyrics yet.

This Is What It Feels Like - Armin van Buuren ft. Trevor Guthrie

This may be the only music I like from Armin van Buuren. I especially like the lyrics. This is the type of song people can relate to when they enter their 20's and beyond.

Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey Vs Cedric Gervais

I love Lana Del Ray. Her voice gives me an eerie feeling, almost hypnotic. This song is also relatively old (2012) but it continues to stand the test of time. And hey, it's summertime again. I grinned when this song was mentioned in #Selfie (by The Chainsmokers).

Wake me up - Avicii

This is quickly becoming like Clarity in which it ages so fast. This became my favorite song for a while. I hated it at first, I thought: WTF, Avicii is into country now? But like how I was with wine, I began to love it as it grew on me. It may be the well written lyrics that captivated me. However, now I think it's fast becoming old. It's overplayed, and it hasn't reached Laboracay yet (It was released June, 2013).

Alive - Krewella

Oh my God! I feel it in the air! I'll never get tired of listening to this song.

If I Lose Myself - One Republic & Alesso

Ok, this is not that old but I'll include it anyway. Who doesn't like One Republic. I was surprised at first that they are into this genre. I guess they are adapting, and they nailed it with this song when they partnered with Alesso. They recently released Counting Stars and it's also great! I'd like to hear more of it mixed with a good EDM beat.

Reload - Sebastian Ingrosso

I absolutely love this for its melody alone. It's quite similar to the melody of Calling. It's like a reincarnation of the song.

City of Dreams - Alesso

One of the favorites last year. It still deserves a second chance this year. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I didn't know the title of the song for the longest time, I thought it was "I still miss you" haha and that's my favorite part of the song which is followed by a sick beat.

Just One Last Time - David Guetta

It's great if you can be emotional and dance to it. The lyrics reminds me of Clarity, about someone you just can't let go.

Pursuit of Happiness - Steve Aoki & Kid Cudi

The beat of this song for me is unique. I didn't even realize it talks about weed and alcohol consumption until much much later after I looked up the lyrics. I'd like to think that this kind of thing is just a phase and we'll be fine once we get it :))

Clarity - Zedd

Arguably the most overly used song simple because Zedd is a genius with this one. Everyone loved this song and you could hear it on the radio almost everyday. Sometimes when this plays in my iPod, I skip it but it's still nice to hear once in a while.

Spectrum - Zedd

This was a favorite because of its brilliant lyrics. We'll run where light won't chase, hide where love can save us, what does that even mean? You won't know half of what it's talking about but somehow you can still relate.

This is a great time to live. I'm glad I belong to this generation. I'm enjoying the music so much, BTS kind of thing. I'm excited for Laboracay 2014!

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