Laboracay 2014 was awesome!

The peak of Laboracay this year was on May 1 - 4. May 1 because this is the actual holiday. May 3 and 4 because this is the Labor day weekend. The labor day weekend is arguably more celebrated. This site is dedicated to one thing and one thing only: Laboracay.


See the list of events this Laboracay 2015 here.

What is Laboracay

Laboracay is a summer party celebration in Boracay. Famous artists both local and foreign often visit boracay during this time. It is marked by intense partying by the beach, lots of booze and good music.

Laboracay is usually prounounced as \'ley-bo-'ra-kay\ but if you want a more conyotic version it's \'ley-bƏ-'rā-kā\ (ley borey key). Laboracay is not a company, it's not a sponsor, and it's not an official event (at least not yet). It's just the term people use to commemorate what's happening in Boracay in the week of Labor Day.


Laboracay came from the words "Labor Day" and "Boracay". Put them together makes "Laboracay" (Well, you don't say?! Lol!). Boracay came from the Aklanese word Borac which means cotton, a famous produce of the island during the Spanish era. Labor Day is a Philippine holiday celebrated on May 1 in honor of workers. It is often marked by protests and demonstrations on the streets Manila. I'm sure this is not remotely related to partying at Boracay. It's more probable that Labor Day was chosen because it's the peak of summer time in the Philippines.

The first use of the term Laboracay is not yet known. If you happen to know the answer or the person, drop us an email.

Motivation behind

There's no one really organizing Laboracay. It's more like an unwritten rule that there is an event where people come to Boracay on Labor Day weekend and party hard. We know it exists but it's difficult for newbies, both local and foreigners, to know the details of this event. Read more about the author's experience here. was created to fill in this gap: This site aims to increase awareness, provide a venue where people can share their experiences, and give helpful tips even on the little things and anything related to Laboracay like how to prepare for Laboracay, what music to listen to, where to stay, etc.


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